Commercial Introduction of The BioSand Water Filter™
Business Opportunities


An Appropriate Technology for Developing Countries

  • People directly attribute that they are feeling better and that their water tastes better due to the BioSand Filter™.
  • The BioSand Filter™ is the appropriate product for a myriad of water treatment solutions and income levels in developing countries.
  • A flexible business model can expand in-country manufacturing capacity since the plastic BioSand household filters are only manufactured in Canada, the United States, and Bangladesh.
  • Potential for numerous innovative designs.

Positive Impacts

  • Reduce health care costs
  • Better productivity for users
  • Improved quality of life
  • Affordable
  • Sustainable
  • In-country manufacturing
  • Potentially large employer
  • Opens up new markets within a developing country
  • Measurable performance
  • Meets an unfulfilled basic need

The Bangladesh Experience

  • Bangladesh is a case study... the experiences learned in introduction of the BioSand Filter™ can be considered as being applicable in other developing countries.
  • PFWl has a manufacturing operation in Bangladesh and has sold 35,000 water filter units.
  • PFWI has been able to market the product to all income levels in rural and urban Bangladesh.
  • PFWI has substantial experience in demonstrating the utility of BSF technology.

BSF Market Research

Basic market research conducted by PFWI in Bangladesh indicated an important conclusion related to priority of drinking water concerns:

  • Safety – most important – this relates to cholera, diarrhea, arsenic
  • Quality – important – this relates to taste and colour
  • Price – less important
  • Convenience – less important
  • Representations – not important

Our research is consistent with published information which indicates as a municipal matter safe water is the most important general issue, especially for the poor in Dhaka, Kolkata, Delhi and Mumbai.

Business Opportunity – The Implementation

Sale of water treatment products is dependent upon end user’s assurance of safety:

  • The BSF reinforces strong brand recognition and corporate identity
  • Associated branding with other products sold within the country
  • Effective and extensive sales and distribution system
  • Leading industrial design refinement capacity
  • Technical support
  • Necessary quality control assurance
  • Potential for after sales service
  • Ongoing product evaluation
  • Strong human resources emphasis
  • An appropriate corporate social responsibility initiative\

Business Opportunity: Risk/Reward Analysis

  • A strong image in the global marketplace will generate sales by positively reinforcing consumers’ desire for water safety.
  • Opportunity for collaboration with NGO’s by providing product and technical support.
  • Quality assurance is facilitated by the simplicity of the system

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